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The Role of Loans in Your Business

Commercial loan are loans offered by any financial institutions to businesses and for those lenders.

Having your own business, even if it is just small, is still a difficult task to do. For big business owners, these people can raise their capital easily and venture because of their good brand names and images. But for the small businesses, it is a difficult task for them to engage in new ventures. Being a business owner is also a risk of having your name placed under the same category of unsatisfactory clients that have bad credit records for the lenders’ preference. Therefore, small businesses are assumed to earn unfixed income every month.

Hence, these people are assumed to be unable to pay for their monthly obligations. So in order to address this issue, entrepreneurs now are able to apply a loan from any small business lenders. With this, the business can already purchase new equipment, tools, raw materials, factory space, land, new technology and a lot more. This is also one way of raising the business’ capital or pay for their employees’ salaries.

Small business loans are just like any bank loans that provide you cash especially during emergencies, but will also charge you a certain interest rate. There are two types of loans that any bank or financial institution offers and these are the secured loans and unsecured loans.

Secured loan

This loan is offered only to businesses that can also offer collateral as mortgage versus the loan such as residential homes, building and any other types of properties. It will be a risk to applicants because their property is in risk of repossession. The lenders will easily lend you money since this is an almost zero risk for them but in exchange for certain terms and conditions. There is no amount limit to lend to the borrowers as long as the borrower has proven its capacity to pay for the monthly installment and the collateral offered is sufficient in value when it comes to repossessions. Aside from that, there is lower interest rate for this type of loan and longer terms for the loan.

Unsecured loan

This loan won’t require collateral from the applicants. In return, risk is very high since the only basis for approval of this loan is based on the repayment capacity and business status of the account. In order to compensate the risk, lenders choose to be strict in their conditions by not granting any requests from the borrower and also charge the borrowers higher interest rates.

Commercial loans are there to help businesses grow and so the money that the lenders released should be only used solely for business transactions.
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