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How To Treat Skin Itches Of Your French Bulldog Puppies

The bat-eared, shot and muscular French bulldog puppies are the types dogs that have become a human companion since it originated in the 1800s. French bulldog puppies are also vulnerable to many healthy issues on their skull, skeletal system, as well as on their skin conditions as with many other dog breeds. Some of these issues include having an itchy skin, from skin issues, insect bites and allergies. Before getting some treatment for your dogs’ itchy skin, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to exactly know what cause the skin itchiness of your French bulldog puppies.

One of the most effective ways to treat the French bulldog puppies from the skin diseases is to apply 100 percent pure aloe vera gel on their coats. This gel can be bought from dog health food stores and vitamin stores. This type of pure aloe vera is safe and very different from other aloe types since it comes directly from the plant itself, posing no danger if the pet licks it.

The next thing to do is to consult with your veterinarian and talk about bringing to your French bulldog puppies an antihistamine such as loratidine and diphendydramine. These particular types of antihistamines works more to treat the skin rash and irritation caused by snake bites, insect bites and vaccination reactions. Just be careful about using the antihistamine variant known as the diphenhydramine because it is said to have side effects such as drowsiness among your French bulldog puppies, reasons for worst case scenarios and further diseases to occur. Avoid using these products if they are not approved and prescribed by the animal doctor. Unlike people, French bulldog puppies have a smaller built and more fragile figure which make using these drugs with discretion.

Pet shops and pet supply stores usually offer colloidal oatmeal spray and lotions that can be used to wash your pets with, but if you lack the budget to purchase them, you can choose to make your own oatmeal shampoo for your French bulldogs at home. With the ability to release inflammatory toxins from the dogs’ skin, these oatmeal shampoo mixtures are also able to clean the skin of the dogs to avoid irritations in the future. If there is the absence of the specialized oatmeal shampoo, you can instead you the multi-purpose pet lotions, cremes, soaks and sprays in exchange of the colloid.

Compounds known as witch hazel can also be a skin treatment for the dogs if sunburns have caused the problem especially when the dogs are used to staying outdoors. Witch hazels are known to have cooling effects on skin and also work for humans for treating sunburns just like with animals.

Since some French bulldog puppies can have drier skin that the rest of the breeds, humilac sprays are special sprays for these types of skin. These types of sprays are known to add a moisturizing effect on the dry skin, to minimize dryness along with the irritation.
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